Bug in real life

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Do you believe only software get bugs? No worries there is a lot buggy system out there, let’s see what…

Bridge wich broke when soldier walk in step

There is two bridges wich collapse because soldier were walking in step. Afterall a bridge is not designed for it right? I supposed architect overlooked this use case, thinking that group of man could not destroy the bridge by simply wlaking on it.


Why do we use “eleven” and “twelve” and not “ten and one” or “ten and two”, why first decimal get a special traitment? I guess it’s must be a legacy reason, but nobody thought it could be nice to fix it? I guess not, an other bug to live with.

Bottle of mineral water

Buying water in bottle exactly 300 times the price of drinkable tap water, I’m still wondering if it’s genius or really fucked up. So even a over price product can still be sold as long as you have good marketing.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The only bug is just that this tower still did not fall yet. Seriously, How is it even possible? Try to make a tower at home with this angle, guess what? Gravity will win! But here nope, the tower stay here, it does not care. tower of pisa


Nature did not what to do, a bird? a rat? a beaver? Looks like even badly specified product can live and survive in our world and platypus are the living proof of that. platypus


It’s in our body, lying there doing nothing and sometime it get inflammed and you have to go to the surgery, otherwise you’ll die. Even our body keep organs ready to fuck up the all system randomly.

Cat success

Cat never show any kind of love, they do what they want and I’m pretty sure they belived humans are their pet. Despite this people love cat! So people could love everything even something designed to hate you. Grumpy cat

To finish

So I hope, I showed you that bug did not come with computer. We have been dealing with it for centuries, and we survive! So next time you get complain about a bug in your software you know what to tell ;-) I’m pretty sure I just scratch the surface of this topic, if you have any idea of other bug in real life commment below, it will be my pleasure to update this list.