Kill the holy server

Or how to build a server on demand

Created by Fabien Garcia


How you build a server?

You install each package

sudo apt-get install mysql php5

And you do it each time you need a server

Who get knowledge of how to configure your server?

The sysadmin know's


sysadmin = God

How you create a server?

You wait ...

Your server get destroyed

You are screwed

The sysadmin disapear because of alien

You are screwed

So how we change it?

Why not hire a monkey?

There is no monkey with sysadmin skill!

Let's be realistic for god seak!

Let's hire a robot!


You can program the provisioning of any server


  • Your architecture is documented
  • You can create a server on demand
  • You can scale
  • No island knowledge
  • You can use short-cuts to configure server


  • You have to learn


  • Node = Server
  • Recipe = Action to perform
  • Cookbook = Folder of recipes
  • Role = Set of action to perform

How to train ?


How it works ?

It will allow you to create a sandbox and have a server



Let's kill the configuration that nobody know